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More about me and this site

I hope people will find my stories here and they'll give readers entertainment and enjoyment. I've written a couple of novels and am working on a new one, but short stories are a lovely art form, certainly a challenge for the writer, hopefully absorbing for the reader, and enjoying a renaissance currently. I hope that all those who love fiction will find something here, whether my stories, the writing resources featured, or my pop culture reviews. 
I grew up in the wilds of the Cumbrian hills. It was all very Wuthering Heights. People would ring us from ten minutes away protesting that they thought they'd gone too far and could only see fells and sheep. We'd tell them to drive on. The world of fiction was opened to me by my parents reading me many wonderful books from Tolkein to LM Montgomery, MM Kay to Enid Blighton. I'm sure living in the middle of nowhere and being pre-internet and smart phone for my formative years helped too...
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