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Starry Sky

Rapunzel and Alice Gothel



I'm Alice Gothel. You will have heard of me even if you don’t know my name. But let me tell you, it won’t have been the true story. Another version of events has been in circulation many years now.

That little bastard Mr Magpie had it in for me since the day I rescued an injured baby squirrel from him. I can’t abide an animal being tortured, you see, and he was about to peck out its eyes. His beak dropped open in surprise as I snatched the squirrel from the ground.


So, since I’d deprived him of lunch, Mr Magpie spread the word far and wide that I’m a wicked witch, and that I did many terrible things, including blinding the Prince. Ironic. He had plenty to embellish the story once Rapunzel arrived. The only bit of the tale that’s correct is that, yes, I am a witch. Wicked or not, I’ll let you decide...

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