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FILM REVIEW: Bingo: The King of the Mornings

My first ever film review published in STORGY magazine!

“Based on a true story.” Words that often make the prospective viewer’s heart sink. Somewhat to my relief, ‘Bingo’ neatly avoids the biggest pitfalls common to lightly fictionalised retellings of real life, at least at first. The main one being that real life often just isn’t as interesting as fiction.

This isn’t a problem the film suffers from, there’s plenty of great material to work with. It’s easy to see why director Daniel Rezende (editor of The City of God) chose the project. The premise: soft porn actor yet to find his big break who by chance sees the opportunity to audition for national Brazilian institution, morning show host ‘Bingo’ the clown (originally Bozo in real life, but copyright issues forced a name change).

You don’t usually associate unhinged brilliance and a rock-and-roll lifestyle with clowns/children’s entertainers. The marrying of these two things is one of the nuances that draws one into the world of the film, modelled on the story of real life actor Arlindo Barreto, aka Bozo the clown.

Read the full review on STORGY by clicking the image below.


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